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★ (4057) Diciembre 24, 2013 / via megacosms  

Cosmic Hunger
Artist: Bob Eggleton
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Anthony Nellé 12 zodiac signs circa 1936
★ (2399) hace 9 meses / via kierramichelle  

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Ninth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois. Cover by Bob Eggleton
★ (569) Diciembre 23, 2013 / via megacosms

Transparent drag it :D
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Jane Ray
★ (9987) hace 9 meses / via alienunicornio  
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Today is new, and so are soon as you awake from your dreams, SMILE. Whatever happened yesterday cannot follow you unless you allow it to.You are again whole, cleansed. So smile. Today is new, and so are you.
★ (1886) hace 9 meses / via ilikecatsss2111  

Pruszkowski. Falling Star, 1884.
★ (2484) hace 9 meses / via xgovrebelleaderx